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Help Desk Specialist


Collin Gibbs

Major: Aerospace Engineering
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Lake Jackson, TX
Likes: Blue
Dislikes: Tuesdays

Nick Metzger

Major: Electrical Engineering
Year: Junior
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Likes: Cats
Dislikes: Not being able to nap

Chris Gonzalez

Major: Computer Science
Year: Junior
Hometown: Round Rock, TX
Likes: PC Gaming, Backpacking, Programming, Reading
Dislikes: Cold, Waking up early, Humidity, Math

Joanna Wu

Major: Radio-Television-Film
Year: Junior
Hometown: Austin, TX
Likes: breakfast foods
Dislikes: zubats and rattatas

Tim Wu

Major: Social Work
Year: Junior
Hometown: Austin, TX
Likes: Sports, sleep, video games, the color green
Dislikes: coffee

Kevin Chiu

Major: Biochemistry
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Likes: Video Games, Dogs, The Flash (TV show), Food
Dislikes: League of Legends, Waking up early, PCR