Counseling Psychology

The Counseling Psychology doctoral program is one of the longest continuously APA accredited Counseling Psychology programs in the country. Our scientist-practitioner based program prepares Ph.D. psychologists to work with both specific and general problems of human behavior in the context of a range of social processes and systems.

We strive to prepare students for innovative professional and intellectual careers within the fields of social science, human service, or social and community endeavors. This program emphasizes the importance of developing the skills necessary to effectively work with individuals inclusive of all demographics, beliefs, attitudes, and values. 

Please visit the links below for additional details about the Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program. The Department of Educational Psychology also offers a Master's degree in Counselor Education

Affiliated Center

Psychological and Educational Assessment Center

PEAC is a training center for the graduate programs in Counseling Psychology and School Psychology, and a resource for people who are seeking assessment for possible learning difficulties or conditions that may affect learning.