Recent Publications

Graduate student research is a valued component of the College of Education. The contents of this page are designed to highlight current students’ research and provide resources for graduate students who conduct or would like to conduct research in the College of Education.

Recent Publications by Graduate Students

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Educational Psychology Shin, J., Seo, E., & Hwang, H. (2015). The effects of social supports on changes in students' perceived instrumentality of schoolwork for future goal attainment. Educational Psychology. Advanced online publication.

School Psychology Caemmerer, J. M. & Keith, T. Z. (2015). Longitudinal, reciprocal effects of social skills and achievement from kindergarten to eighth grade. Journal of School Psychology. 53 (4):265–281.

JAMA Rhodes, K.V., Rodgers, M., Sommers, M., Hanlon, A., Chittams, J., Doyle, A., Datner, E., & Crits-Christoph, P. (2015). Brief Motivational Intervention for Intimate Partner Violence and Heavy Drinking in the Emergency Department: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA. 314 (5):466–477.

Exceptionality Cawthon, S., Garberoglio, C. L.,Caemmerer, J., Bond, M., & Wendel, E.(2015). Effects of parent expectations and parent involvement on postschool outcomes for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. Exceptionality,23(2): 73–99.

Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment Potvin, D. C. H., Keith, T. Z., Caemmerer, J. M., & Trundt, K. M. (2015).Confirmatory Factor Structure of the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children–Second Edition With Preschool Children Too Young for Differentiation? Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 26(1):13–23.

JAASEPChoi, N., & Ostendorf, R.(2015). Perceptions of Disability and Special Education Services: The Perspectives of Korean-American Parents of Children with Disabilities. Journal of American Academy of Special Education Professionals, 4.

Journal of School Leadership Hughes, J. E., DeZeeuw, A., & Ok, M. (2015). Technology leadership in a secondary 1:1 iPad pedagogical innovation. Journal of School Leadership.[In Press].

Applied Developmental Science Cawthon, S. W., Caemmerer, J. M., Dickson, D. M., Ocuto, O. L., Ge, J., & Bond, M. P. (2015). Social Skills as a Predictor of Postsecondary Outcomes for Individuals Who Are Deaf. Applied Developmental Science,19(1): 19–30.

American Journal of Health Behavior Steinhardt, M. A., Dubois, S. K., Brown, S. A., Harrison, J., Louis, Dolphin, K. E., Park, W., & Lehrer, H. M. (2015). Positivity and Indicators of Health among African Americans with Diabetes. American Journal of Health Behavior, 39 (1), 43–50.

CALICO Liu, M., Abe, K., Cao, M., Liu, S., Ok, D. U., Park, J., Parrish, C.M. & Sardegna, V. G. (2015). An analysis of social network websites for language learning: Implications for teaching and learning English as a Second Language. CALICO Journal, 32(1), 114–152.

Computers and Education Park, J. H., Schallert, D. L., Sanders, A. J. Z., Williams, K. M., Seo, E., Yu, L.-T., Vogler, J.S., Song, K., Williamson, Z. H. & Knox, M. C. (2015).Does it matter if the teacher is there?: A teacher’s contribution to emergin patterns of interactions in online classroom discussions. Computers & Education82, 315–328.

JTATE Hughes, J. E., Ko, Y., Lim, M., & Liu, S. (2015). Preservice teachers’ social networking use, concerns, and educational possibilities: Trends from 2008-2012. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education. [In Press].

Behavior Modification Roberts, G. J., Solis, M., Ciullo, S., McKenna, J. W., & Vaughn, S. (2015).Reading Interventions with Behavioral and Social Skill Outcomes A Synthesis of Research. Behavior Modification, 39(1):8–42.


Annals of the Deaf Cawthon, S. W., & Caemmerer, J. M. (2014). Parents’ Perspectives on Transition and Postsecondary Outcomes for Their Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. American Annals of the Deaf, 159(1), 7–21.

Computers in the Schools Liu, M., Rosenblum, J. A., Horton,L., & Kang, J. (2014). Designing Science Learning with Game-Based Approaches. Computers in the Schools, 31(1ndash;2), 84–102.

Social and Personal Relationships Cance, J. D., Loukas, A., & Talley, A. E. (2014). The differential associations of internalizing symptoms and family and school relationships with disordered eating attitudes among early adolescents. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 32, 41–56.

IJPBL Liu, M., Horton, L., Lee, J., Kang, J., Rosenblum, J., O’Hair, M., & Lu, C.W. (2014). Creating a Multimedia Enhanced Problem-Based Learning Environment for Middle School Science: Voices from the Developers.Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning, 8(1).

Journal of Black Psychology Cokley, K., Awosogba, O., & Taylor, D. (2014). A 12-Year Content Analysis of the Journal of Black Psychology (2000-2011) Implications for the Field of Black Psychology. Journal of Black Psychology, 40(3), 215–238.

Review of Educational Research Lee, B. K., Patall, E. A., Cawthon, S. W., & Steingut, R. R. (2014). The Effect of Drama-Based Pedagogy on PreK–16 Outcomes A Meta-Analysis of Research From 1985 to 2012. Review of Educational Research,1–47.

CDTEI Cawthon, S. W., Garberoglio, C. L., Caemmerer, J. M., Bond, M. P., Leppo, R. H. T., Schoffstall, S. J., Rainey, J.C. & Hamilton, G. A.(2014). Professional Preparedness and Perspectives on Transition for Individuals Who Are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing. Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Individuals, 1–10.

Journal of Interactive Learning Research Liu, M., Navarrete, C., Maradiegue, E., & Wivagg, J. (2014). Mobile Learning and English Language Learners: A Case Study of Using iPod Touch As a Teaching and Learning Tool. Journal of Interactive Learning Research,25(3):373–403.

System Journal Sardegna, V. G., Lee, J., & Kusey, C. (2014). Development and validation of the learner attitudes and motivations for pronunciation (LAMP) inventory.System Journal47,162–175.

IRRODL Reilly, E. D., Stafford, R. E., Williams, K. M., & Corliss, S. B. (2014).Evaluating the validity and applicability of automated essay scoring in two massive open online courses. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning15(5).

American Journal of Distance Education Liu, M., Kang, J., Cao, M., Lim, M., Ko, Y., Myers, R., & Weiss, A. S. (2014).Understanding MOOCs as an Emerging Online Learning Tool: Perspectives From the Students. American Journal of Distance Education, 28(3), 147–159.

Educational Psychology Review Roberts, G., Scammacca, N., Osman, D. J., Hall, C., Mohammed, S. S., & Vaughn, S. (2014). Team-Based Learning: Moderating Effects of Metacognitive Elaborative Rehearsal and Middle School History Content Recall. Educational Psychology Review, 26(3): 451–468.

Journal of Educational Technology and Society Liu, M., Navarrete, C. C., & Wivagg, J. (2014). Potentials of Mobile Technology for K-12 Education: An Investigation of iPod touch Use for English Language Learners in the United States. Journal of Educational Technology & Society17(2): 115–126.


Literacy Research AssociationFong, C.J., Williams, K.M., Schallert, D. L., & Warner, J. R. (2013).“Without Adding These Details, Your Writing is Meaningless”: Evaluating Preservice Teachers’ Constructive Feedback on a Writing Assignment.Literacy Research Association Yearbook, 62, 345.

Computers and Education Navarrete, C. (2013). Creative thinking in digital game design and development: A case study. Computers & Education69, 320–331.