Research Resources

Research Course Offerings

College Courses
Many courses are offered in the College of Education that can improve your statistical, measurement, and methodological knowledge:
Research Design

Statistical Consulting

SMARTER Consulting
Statistics, Measurement, And Research design Techniques in Educational Research (SMARTER) consulting will is available for graduate students. For additional details on services offered and to schedule an appointment, see Consulting Information.

Research Software & Technologies

The College of Education provides graduate students with free access to a variety of computer programs and other technological services and products designed to support research activities. The Information Technology Office offers a variety of services for students.

Qualtrics: A data collection survey tool
UTBox: Secure cloud storage.
Statistical Packages (SPSS, SAS, & Stata): Can be accessed in SZB 536 or purchased at the Campus Computer Store.  
MATLAB: Analytic program available to all UT students to compute data, make figures, and solve optimization problems. 
NVivo: Qualitative analysis software available in the 4th Floor computer labs. 
Recording & Transcription: Video cameras, tripods, digital recorders, and transcription foot pedal systems are all available to borrow.

Other Research Support

UT Austin IRB
For IRB submission information go to the Office of Research Support IRB.

Library Resources
Many resources can be found on the UT Libraries' website, including Workshops, Handouts & Recordings & Specific Education Resources

Poster Printing
The PCL is now provides poster printing services up to 42 x 60 inches.  The price is $5 per linear foot with a valid UT ID, meaning a poster that measures 4 feet on its longest side will cost $20. A sample college poster PowerPoint template can be found here. 

Business Cards
Campus Copy provides business card printing for students - $30 for 100 cards using standard formatting. Custom cards can be requested for an additional fee. An EID is required to order.

Funding Resources

SciVal Database 
Search SciVal Database for funding opportunities
For a full search of available federal grants go to

Academic Databases of Graduate Student Funding
Several universities maintain publicly available databases of external academic fellowships, scholarships, and grants. This list is a great way to focus only on funding for graduate students.

College Centers & Research Labs