Career Fair Preparation

  • Obtain a list of the organizations and businesses participating in the fair.
  • Use the Web to research and learn more about these organizations and businesses.
  • Think carefully about your career objectives and choose the entities that match your requirements.
  • Plan to visit them the day of the fair.
  • Develop and rehearse a one-minute commercial which:
    1. Introduces you.
    2. Demonstrates you know something about the organization/business.
    3. Conveys why you are interested in the working with them.
    4. Tells the recruiter/interviewer the position or type of position sought.
    5. Briefly relates your background to what you know about the organization/business.
    6. Expresses why you are a good choice for a position.
  • Prepare and rehearse responses to basic questions such as “Why would you like to work for us?” or “Tell me about yourself.”
  • Prepare your résumé and list of references.
  • Create a list of questions that you would like to ask each organization/business.
  • Obtain a portfolio to house your résumés, references and materials you collect from potential employers, as well as a writing pad and pens.
  • Helpful hint: Plan what you will wear. Keep yourself and your materials professional and streamlined; don’t overload yourself with too much to carry.

What to Bring

Students should bring abundant copies of their résumés. It is to the student's advantage to pass out as many résumés as possible. The more résumés that are passed out and the more organizations/businesses visited, the better the chances are to land an interview. Avoid bringing cover letters, transcripts, or portfolios. These will be helpful at follow-up interviews, but not at the fair.

Dressing for Success

To be perceived as a major candidate for the job or internship, students must look the part. Outward image, attitude, confidence level, and personal appearance, all contribute to the overall impression of the candidate. Dress should be professional, neat, and clean.

Taking the time to present a professional image during the fair enhances to the recruiters first impression of the job seeker. An appropriate visual image at the fair may leave as strong an impression as the candidate says, since memory is triggered more by pictures and impressions than words.

Visit Tips to Dress for Success for specific examples of appropriate clothing and appearance.