Career Planning Roadmap

Although four years sounds like a long time, college can go by fast. Before you know it, you will be applying for jobs, internships, or graduate programs. There are steps you can take throughout your college career that can help you find a job, and prepare you for life after college.

First Year

Second Year

  • Update your high school resume with a professional format.
  • Start replacing high school content with college-level content.
  • Explore study abroad opportunities.
  • Review and collect job and internship information that interests you.
  • Meet with a career advisor to discuss internship planning.
  • Explore leadership roles in the student organizations in which you are participating.
  • Volunteer in your intended field to build your professional network.
  • Secure a summer job and/or internship.
  • Attend career fairs and networking events.
  • Re-examine your strengths, skills and career interests.

Third Year

  • Research career possibilities and create a list of potential jobs/careers.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and start building your professional network.
  • Network with alumni and others in your field and interview them about their careers.
  • Take on a leadership role within an organization: HornsLink  
  • Attend career fairs and events to connect with recruiters hiring interns.
  • Clean up your digital information on social media and expand your network.
  • Review Graduate School programs and application timelines.
  • Start thinking about who you could ask for letters of recommendation.

Fourth Year

  • Continue your job search and meet with your career office advisor to discuss interviewing strategies.
  • Attend career events and fairs.
  • Update the key people in your network on your career progress and upcoming graduation date. Provide information on your areas of interest, career goals, and accomplishments.
  • Perfect your resume and graduate school applications.
  • Apply to preferred job openings.
  • Identify alternatives and apply.
  • Follow-up with organizations to which you have applied.