Résumé Writing

The résumé is an indispensable marketing tool for any job candidate. It is a written summary of who you are and should draw attention to your strengths and skills. A résumé should be a purposeful, concise, and organized summary of the experience that you have as you relate to the available position.

Steps to Develop a Résumé

Choose a résumé template based on your program.  These templates provide the general structure/formatting and headings of your résumé.

Take some time to review the example résumé(s) for your major to get ideas for your résumé.

Remember, the résumés below are intended as examples only. Use the information in the Content Development and Action Verbs section to individualize and strengthen your content.


Regardless of the résumé template you use, you should always keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Keep your résumé to two pages, including references.
  • Use 10 to 12 size font in a professional style such as Arial or Times (no colors or fancy fonts).
  • Use standard margins ranging from .75 to 1 inch.
  • Align dates on the right side of the page.
  • Use consistent formatting (indentation, capitalization, bullets, punctuation, etc.).

KHE Examples:

Teacher Certification Examples:

NOTE: Teacher certification students use Education, Certification, and Teaching Experience as the first three section headings. Recruiters consistently tell us that this is what they want to see.

YCS Example:

Due to the wide range of employment opportunities, YCS students may also benefit by incorporating content ideas from KHE or ALD example résumés.