ITO Help Desk

The ITO Help Desk is part of the College of Education’s Information Technology Office and provides Apple and Windows laptop support services for the students, faculty, and staff in the College. Whether you’re having a hardware or software problem or need help backing up your files, the ITO Help Desk is here to assist.

ITO Help Desk Services

The knowledgeable and friendly ITO Help Desk staff provide many services including:

  • Diagnosis of hardware and software problems of Apple MacBooks and Windows PC's for students, faculty, and staff in the College of Education.
  • Assistance with backing up files
  • Configuration of software on Apple laptops to meet the College requirements.
  • Shipment of laptops to Apple for free, warranty-covered service.
  • Checkout of loaner laptops when laptops have been sent to Apple for repair.
  • Assistance and limited training for basic laptop software.

The ITO Help Desk is unable to

  • Perform repairs or part replacements not covered under a laptop’s warranty.
  • Fully support any hardware or software not specified by the College of Education laptop requirements.
  • Give a 100% guarantee of the proper backup of user data.
  • Sell hardware or software. Contact the Campus Computer Store.