Collaborative Study Areas

In the fifth floor space at SZB 536, there are several large areas for students to study, collaborate, and recharge electronic devices.

SZB 536

Students working at tablesJust inside the ITO’s main entrance is a spacious student study and collaboration area. There is seating for more than 40, including large tables perfect for study group meetings, cushioned lounge chairs, and counter height tables for individual use. Four iMac workstations are also available here on a walk-in basis. Electrical outlets are within easy reach of all the tables. There is also a media:scape collaboration table, where up to six laptops can connect to two flat panel monitors.

SZB 536, South End

students studying This area is designed especially for quiet individual study. It features a large table and upholstered chairs with arm tablets big enough to hold a laptop computer and a notebook.

SZB Third Floor, SW Corner

Tables and sofas at the southwest side of the third floor, Sánchez Building

Located at the southwest end of the Sánchez Building third floor are three sofas and two round tables. There are three fourplex electrical outlets here.

SZB, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Floors, West Side

CafeTables: Sánchez Building, third floor. Tables are also on the fourth and fifth floors.

If you want to read, eat lunch, or gaze out the floor-to-ceiling windows, there are three café tables with six chairs just west of the escalators on the third, fourth, and fifth floors. Power outlets are located at the base of the windows beneath each table, so it’s a great spot to use your laptop too!