Distance Learning Classroom

The Information Technology Office's (ITO) Distance Learning & Teleconference Classroom (DLC) provides high definition (HD) video and audio links to remote sites using compressed digital video technology.

The room holds up to 35 people and can be arranged to suit most video conferencing needs. 

Reservation Policies

The Distance Learning & Teleconference Classroom is available to College of Education faculty, staff, and students. Any requests for the use of the room that is outside of the College will be approved at the discretion of the ITO.

  • The room is available during Service Desk hours.
  • Requests for semester-long courses have top priority, but must be made at least six months in advance of the semester needed.
  • Requests for one-time events should be made at least two weeks before the day needed.
  • College of Education courses and activities, then other UT instructional activities, have priority over non-instructional and non-UT activities.


This facility is available only by reservation. Reserve the Distance Learning Classroom.

For general inquiries, contact the Service Desk by visiting us in SZB 536, calling 512-471-4357, or by email.