Online Degree Scheduling With G4

To assist with improving graduation rates, the College of Education Student Success Office has launched G4.

The G4 web-based application shows undergraduate students that they can complete a bachelor's degree in education from The University of Texas at Austin in four years. Hence the name G4 — graduate in four years.

It provides a visual, digital representation of a student's degree plan, shows progress toward the degree, and helps a student forecast the impact of course selection on graduation. 

G4 provides:

  • Key scheduling information to help students complete their education degrees on time;
  • A semester-by-semester schedule evaluation based on courses students have completed toward their degrees;
  • Options to adjust overall semester credit-hour load so students can pace themselves to degree completion;
  • A review of courses completed against other education majors, for those researching internal transfer;
  • Assistance to students and their academic advisers to focus on what’s next for registration.

G4 is not a degree audit nor does it register students for courses.  College of Education students are encouraged to explore G4, in addition to continuing to meet with academic advisers who can answer any questions about the tool.