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Substitute Policy

Student teachers may be eligible to serve as substitute teachers if the following conditions are met:

  • The student teacher has attended the Substitute Orientation, submitted the required paperwork through the substitute office (online), and been hired as a substitute.
  • The judgement of a student teacher's readiness to assume such a duty is unanimous among the student, university supervisor, and the District's cooperating teacher with the approval of the principal. However, even if there is approval from all of the parties above, the student teacher reserves the right to decline.
  • Once the student teacher has satisfactorily completed the required number of weeks in student teaching, the district may at that time retain the services of the student teacher as a substitute on a full-time basis or as needed through the remainder of the student teaching semester.

Substituting must also adhere to the following program conditions:

  • The student teacher may be permitted to substitute only after the mid-term point of the semester for few days.
  • Student teachers may only substitute for their own cooperating teacher until they have met all of the requirements of student teaching.
  • Interns are not permitted to substitute.  However, special permission may be granted through Dr. Sharon Evans, Director of Education Services.

"Day Off" Policy

Any employee who supervises a student teacher may be given one day off as compensation for this supervision.  This day shall occur during the time the student teacher is doing "Total Teach" and will be administered by the local campus.  This day off will not affect the cooperating teacher's attendance record or cause additional cost to the District.  The student teacher will not be paid for substituting on that day.  (The student teacher may still provide this compensation to the teacher even if he/she has not signed up to be an AISD substitute.)

Criminal History Checks

Students in the PDS must be cleared through a criminal history check to observe or student teach in the school district in which they are placed. The check is processed by the district who then informs the Education Services Office or coordinator whether or not the student may have a field placement in the district. Most students will be checked at least twice during the PDS, but additional checks may be required if a student switches districts from semester to semester. The criminal history check process may include completing an online application, a paper form, fingerprinting, or a TB screening test.