Why Give to the College of Education?

The College of Education is one of the top programs in the nation. Private support is increasingly important as other sources of funding continue to decrease. Your gifts ensure sustained excellence.

State funding previously provided 47% of the University’s budget.  Today that number is only 12%. Many people think that UT is rich because we receive revenue from the state-owned Permanent University Fund (PUF). PUF receives revenue from oil and mineral interests in West Texas, but that money supports 18 institutions and six agencies in the Texas A&M and University of Texas Systems.

The College of Education needs your support to compete for the world’s best talent. Giving to the college shows your dedication to higher education and to our mission to educate leaders that create value for society.

Funding then and now graphic showing how support from the state has decreased from 47% to 12% since FY 1984-85.