Bilingual/Bicultural Education

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Photo of Rebecca Callahan

Program Area Coordinator, Advisor
Rebecca Callahan

The Bilingual/Bicultural Education program provides expertise for students to become leaders in a field of growing importance. Our students develop a critical perspective that allows them to advocate for bilingual educators, administrators, children, and families both in and outside the K-12 education system. Working alongside faculty, graduate students in the BBE program develop a knowledge base in research and practice in the areas of: language policy and program development; second language acquisition; biliteracy; effective bilingual and ESL instructional practices; bilingual and ESL teacher preparation; evaluation and assessment in language education; and theories of immigration. In addition our thriving undergraduate Bilingual Teacher Certification program offers students extensive opportunities to experience research and theory in practice in the classroom.

Core Faculty
Rebecca Callahan, Assistant Professor, Program Area Coordinator, Advisor Claudia Cervantes Soon, Assistant Professor
Lucy Camarillo-May, Clincial Assistant Professor Elaine Horwitz, Professor
Haydeé Rodriguez, Clinical Assistant Professor  


Affiliated Faculty
Cinthia Salinas, Professor, Cultural Studies in Education Luis Urrieta, Associate Professor, Cultural Studies in Education
Angela Valenzuela, Professor, Dept. of Ed Admin  


Affiliated Emerita
Alba Ortiz