Master of Arts or Master of Education Degree Program with Report

Total minimum hours: 33 hours

Required Areas of Study

Early Childhood Education

Students will select 9 credit hours from the following:

  • Critical Perspectives on Childhood Education (EDC 385G)
  • Early Childhood Education Programs (EDC 385G)
  • Early Childhood Teacher Education (EDC 385G)
  • Inquiry in Play (EDC 385G)
  • Parents and Education (EDC 385G)
  • Research Seminar
  • Social Construction of Thinking in Childhood (EDC 385G)
  • Social Contexts of Childhood Education (EDC 385G)
  • Theories of Childhood (EDC 385G)

Elementary Education

Students will select 9 credit hours from the following:

  • Biliteracy (EDC 385G)
  • Children's Literature (EDC 390T)
  • Contemporary Problems in Science and Math Education (EDC 385G)
  • Curriculum/Instruction in Math/Science Education (EDC 385G)
  • Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics and Science (EDC 385G)
  • Diagnostic and Prescriptive Reading, Instruction (EDC 390T)
  • Diagnostic and Prescriptive Language Arts Instruction (EDC 390T)
  • Ed. Comm. Seminar: Teaching and Learning with the Internet (EDC 385G)
  • Inquiry in the Middle Grades (Inquiry in Education (EDC 385G)
  • Interactive Multimedia Design and Production (EDC 385G)
    (Prerequisite – EDC 385G: Multimedia Authoring, its equivalent, or instructor’s approval)
  • International Austin-the City as Multicultural Classroom (EDC 385G)
  • Knowing and Learning, in Math and Science Education (EDC 385G)
  • Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science (EDC 385G)
  • Seminar in Elementary School Curriculum (EDC 384P)
  • Multicultural Curriculum and Teaching, (EDC 390T)
  • Multimedia Authoring, (EDC 385G)
  • Psychology of Reading (PSY 338K)
  • Reading- Difficulties (EDC 385G)
  • Social Education through the Humanities and Literature (EDC 390T)
  • Teaching, Elementary School Subjects: Reading/ Language Arts or Language Arts/ Reading (EDC 382E)
  • Teaching Elementary School Subjects: Social Studies (EDC 382E)

Research Methods

Students will select 3 credit hours form the following:

  • Educational Research and Design (EDC 380R)
  • Another course chosen in consultation with Program Advisor

Courses Out of Department (Student Choice)

Students will select 6 credit hours outside of Curriculum & Instruction; suggested 
courses are:

  • Children’s Dramatic Literature (DRM 383P)
  • Children’s Exercise and Activity (KIN 395)
  • Current Research in Early Childhood Education (SED 384)
  • Trends/Issues in Early Childhood Education (SED 396C)

Elective and Report Credits

For the Masters degree with report, students will take 3 credit hours of report
(EDC 398R) and with 3 additional credit hours of elective.

* No more than 2 upper-division undergraduate courses are allowed for this Master’s degree
* No more than 6 hours may be taken credit/no credit.
* No more than 3 hours of independent study.