Graduate Programs Overview

More complete information about degree programs and requirements can be found on the Master's and Doctoral web pages.

We do not offer online degrees.


  • The STEM Education Ph.D. is designed for students who are preparing for research careers.
  • 72 hours of coursework (including dissertation) are required for the degree, 15 of which are graduate coursework in a discipline area (science, mathematics, engineering).  The discipline content hours may be waived for students who have a masters degree in a content area (e.g., mathematics, not mathematics education).
  • The typical timeframe for completing the degree is 4-6 years.
  • The Ph.D. degree requires active engagement with faculty and a research group on campus, and therefore it is not usually recommended for students who are working full time or not in residence at UT Austin.
  • Although some GRA positions are available, they are typically reserved for students who have already participated in pilot studies or faculty research support.

MA: Master's with Thesis

  • The master's with thesis is intended for students who want to develop their potential as researchers and move into leadership positions in education.
  • It requires 9 hours of graduate coursework in a discipline content area, which may be waived for students with a masters degree in a STEM discipline (e.g., physics or chemistry, not science education).
  • Students completing a master's with thesis typically take 3 years to complete the degree.
  • This master's degree is not designed for students seeking certification as teachers.

MA: Masters with No-Thesis (Academic Year and Summer)

  • The Master's  Non-Thesis option is intended to be a terminal degree for students who want to develop themselves as teachers or move into leadership positions in teaching or curriculum development.
  • These degrees are designed with working teachers in mind and coursework is scheduled so that it can typically be completed in the evening or during summers.
  • Students taking courses during the academic year can complete the masters degree in 2 years. Those taking courses in the summer can complete either degree in three summers with 1 online course during each long semester in the intervening years.
  • These master's degrees are not designed for students seeking certification as teachers.

M. Ed.

We offer M.Ed degrees to students who complete the requirements for our M.A. degrees but also have a current teaching certificate.

TA and GRA positions 

TAships are available on a limited, competitive basis. Students who do not have more than three years teaching experience are advised to take some version of the 398T course as the graduate school requires it for AI’s and our department strongly encourages it for TAs. GRA positions are sometimes available for students with research experience. It is strongly recommended that students complete an independent study or have independent research experience with a faculty supervisor prior to applying for a GRA.