Jill Scott

Photo of Jill Scott

Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, 2010
Assistant Professor, Teacher Education, Abilene Christian University
Abilene, Texas

Program Area: Early Childhood Education

What's your "story" about your time at UT and its value to you?

I received my undergraduate degree from University of Texas in 1973.  I immediately moved out of town, but said I wanted to come back and teach there someday.  Little did I know that in a way my wish would come true.  Thirty-two years later, I return to Austin and the University of Texas as a doctoral student in the College of Education with a teaching assistant position.  A non- traditional student with 32 years of teaching experience, I embarked on an adventure that would lead me to deeper understanding, deeper thinking, and a strong need to question everything.  My time at UT allowed me to take all of my previous practitioner experience and couple it with theory and research and come out with a new love of preparing new teachers and researchers.  I currently am working with teacher candidates and helping them with undergraduate research. 

List some details about life after UT-- your achievements, etc.

  • Moved to Abilene Texas.
  • Third year as Assistant Professor in Teacher Education.
  • Started Rookie Club for novice teachers in Abilene area.
  • Developed an urban, multi-cultural course in Dallas through CitySquare.
  • Volunteer of the Year 2011 Reagan Elementary, Abilene Independent School District.  
  • Multiple presentations –ATE, CSOTTE, NAEYC, TCEC, AERA,
  • Work with undergraduates in research