Faculty Listing

Name & Title Office Contact
Celeste Alexander
Research Associate and Lecturer, Ph.D.
TCB 1.143C (512) 471-4528
Contact Celeste Alexander
Cassandre Giguere Alvarado
Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor and Assistant Coordinator, M.Ed. in CUSPA
MAI 221M (512) 232-3997
Contact Cassandre Giguere Alvarado
Randy Bomer
Professor & Chair, Curriculum & Instruction
SZB 348M (512) 232-7519
Contact Randy Bomer
Beth Bukoski
Clinical Assistant Faculty
SZB 348G (512) 232-4419
Contact Beth Bukoski
Norma Cantu
Professor, J.D.
SZB 374A or TNH 3.118M (512) 471-7551
Contact Norma Cantu
Joshua Childs
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
SZB 310F (512) 475-8573
Contact Joshua Childs
Carlton J. Fong
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
SZB 374J (512) 471-3879
Contact Carlton J. Fong
Lynda E. Frost
Clinical Associate Professor, Ph.D.
LAC 4.410 (512) 471-9150
Contact Lynda E. Frost
Douglas C. Garrard
Senior Associate Dean Of Students and Lecturer, Ed.D.
SSB 4.104 (512) 471- 5017
Contact Douglas C. Garrard
Mark Anthony Gooden
Associate Professor, Director of the Principalship Program & PSEL Coordinator
Sanchez 310H (512) 475-8574
Contact Mark Anthony Gooden
Terrance Green
Assistant Professor
Sanchez 310D (512) 471-7551
Contact Terrance Green
Sheila Guzman
SZB 244J (512) 232-1955
Debra Hester
Cohort Coordinator/Clinical Assistant Professor
SZB 348H (512) 471-6137
Contact Debra Hester
Jennifer Holme
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
SZB 374F (512) 475-9398
Contact Jennifer Holme
Huriya Jabbar
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
SZB 374F (512) 475-9398
Contact Huriya Jabbar
Veronica Jones
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
SZB 374L (512) 471-7551
Contact Veronica Jones
Sharon Justice
Lecturer, Ph.D.
SZB 374A (512) 471-7551
Contact Sharon Justice
Marilyn Kameen
Senior Associate Dean and Professor, Ed.D.
SZB 210 (512) 471-7255
Contact Marilyn Kameen
Harrison Keller
Vice Provost and Adjunct Professor, Ph.D.
MAI 301BB (512) 232-8277
Contact Harrison Keller
Deborah Nance
SZB 374 Contact Deborah Nance
Ruben Olivarez
Professor, Ph.D.
SZB 310K (512) 471-7551
Contact Ruben Olivarez
Martha Ovando
Professor Emeritus, Ph.D.
SZB 310 (512) 471-7551
Contact Martha Ovando
Soncia Reagins-Lilly
Vice President for Student Affairs, Ed.D.
SSB 4.104 (512) 471-5017
Contact Soncia Reagins-Lilly
Richard J. Reddick
Associate Professor; Coordinator, M.Ed. Concentration in College and University Student Personnel Administration (CUSPA)
SZB 310B; CLA 2.102 (512) 475-8587
Contact Richard J. Reddick
Pedro Reyes
Ph.D., Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Ashbel Smith Professor in Education Policy
O' Henry Hall 312 (512) 475-8569
Contact Pedro Reyes
Victor B. Saenz
Associate Professor
SZB 310A (512) 475-8585
Contact Victor B. Saenz
Lauren Schudde
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
SZB 310A (512) 471-1632
Contact Lauren Schudde
Edwin Sharpe
Clinical Professor, Ph.D.
SZB 310J (512) 475-8577
Contact Edwin Sharpe
Patricia Somers
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
SZB 374B (512) 471-7551
Contact Patricia Somers
Angela Valenzuela
Professor, Director of the TCEP & Associate Vice President for School Partnerships
SZB 374H (512) 232-6008
Contact Angela Valenzuela
Greg Vincent
Vice President and Professor, Ed.D., J.D.
  (512) 471-3212
Contact Greg Vincent