Public School Executive Leadership Cooperative Superintendency Program

Professor Ruben Olivarez leads a class.

Photo of Ruben Olivarez

Program Director
Ruben Olivarez

The Cooperative Superintendency Program (CSP) provides a graduate-level avenue for executive leadership preparation. The doctoral program leads to a graduate degree in educational administration with concentration in the Superintendency. Successful completion of the program will ensure student eligibility for the state superintendent certification assessment.

A significant number of Texas public schools have been under the leadership of a CSP graduate.  Also among the list of distinguished CSP graduates have been state commissioners of education, top-ranking state officials, and university professors and administrators in leadership positions across the country.

Today, the roles and responsibilities inherent in executive educational leadership positions require individuals who possess skills, knowledge, and real world experiences in administration. Educational leaders must be able to provide direction within dynamic and complex organizations. This program focuses on the fundamentals and research necessary to create a learning environment that improves academic performance and equity for all students.

Current Students