College and University Student Personnel Administration Masters Program

The Program in Higher Education Leadership prepares, trains and educates students to become leaders in the administration of colleges and universities, scholars who can bring about greater understanding of higher education, and teachers who can pass on knowledge of the past and equip students with the ability to work with an ever-changing higher education environment. We offer an M.Ed in College and University Student Personnel Administration (CUSPA). 

Our masters program is designed to develop knowledgeable and skilled professional administrators for student affairs practice. Our graduates has pursued such career areas as student housing, organizational and leadership development, fundraising and development, financial aid, admissions, health education, recreation, and similar programs and services in institutions of higher education. 

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Cassandre Giguere Alvarado Beth E. Bukoski, Assistant Program Coordinator
Norma Cantú, J.D. Carlton Fong
Douglas C. Garrard Hemiata Jhaveri
Sharon Justice Marilyn C. Kameen
Harrison Keller Soncia Reagins-Lilly
Richard J. Reddick, Program Coordinator Victor B. Sáenz
Julie Schell Lauren Schudde
Edwin Sharpe Latoya Smith
Betty Jean Taylor Patricia Somers
Gregory J. Vincent Aaron Voyles
Evelyn Waiwaiole