Public School Executive Leadership

The Public School Executive Leadership (PSEL) program is committed, in all of its program area concentrations, to leadership that facilitates the development of schools that create the conditions for academic high performance for literally all children from pre-k to 12th grade.  The Public School Executive Leadership unit consists of the following academic concentrations:

The Cooperative Superintendency Program (CSP) concentration develops superintendents committed to high performance for all children district wide.

The Educational Policy and Planning Program (EPP) concentration develops policy analysts and researchers with this same commitment.

The Principalship Program (PRIN) concentration develops similar leadership at the campus level.

In addition, in all of these endeavors, PSEL is committed to state and national leadership in the advocacy for high academic performance for all children, regardless of their differences.




Mark Gooden, Program Head SZB 310 (512) 475-8574
Jennifer Jellison Holme, Graduate Advisor SZB 374 (512) 232-6008
Hortensia Palomares, Graduate Coordinator II SZB 374 (512) 471-7551
Jacinda Deleon, Administrative Assistant SZB 310 (512) 475-8580
Scott Blackshire, UTCULP Grant Manager SZB 310 (512) 232-1552