Doctoral Program of Study

The Texas Capitol

The Educational Policy & Planning program (EPP) prepares the next generation of professors and policy-research leaders who will significantly and positively change public education. 

The EPP is a multi-disciplinary doctoral program offered through the University of Texas at Austin’s Department of Educational Administration. The mission of this doctoral program is to prepare a new generation of educational policy and planning specialists for policy research and professorship roles in education who:

  • Deepen and expand our knowledge of schools and student learning through high quality research
  • Understand the complexity of the educational system, including the historical, cultural, economic, and social conditions that may affect student learning
  • Research the effectiveness of policy proposals and better understand the implementation of existing policies, particularly as they affect outcomes for traditionally marginalized students.
  • Advocate for the implementation of different approaches to enhance student learning for all children
  • Develop cutting-edge knowledge in the field of education policy
  • Approach policy research from multidisciplinary perspectives
  • Learn the most sophisticated policy research techniques and methodologies

Program Plan Worksheets