Doctoral Degree in Cooperative Superintendency Program (CSP)

The Department of Educational Administration offers a doctoral degree (Ed.D.) in the Cooperative Superintendency Program (CSP).

The CSP is at the forefront of preparing executive level educational leaders to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s public education system. Our dedicated faculty and intensive coursework maintain our position among the top-rated superintendency preparation programs in the nation.

Our program seeks to attract students with outstanding professional readiness and prepare them for executive level leadership positions, which include:

  • superintendents of school districts,
  • chief executives in state education agencies,
  • directors in education service centers or laboratories, and
  • executive level management posts in large cities or suburban districts.

Other career goals may appeal to graduating Fellows, but the four noted above dictate program content; most notably superintendency preparation.

Total program for CSP Ed.D. encompasses 63 hours of coursework; 69 with dissertation hours.

Social Science Core: (12 hours)

  • EDA 382M Organizational Design & Behavior
  • EDA 383E  Educational Econ & Finance (K-12 focus, Spring)
  • EDA 388M Social & Cultural Contexts of Education
  • EDA 388P  Educational Politics & Policy (K-12 focus, Fall)

Superintendent Specialization: (33 hours)

  • EDA 383   School Restructuring and Renewal
  • EDA 383   Superintendent Practicum
  • EDA 383   Superintendent Practicum
  • EDA 383   Superintendent Practicum
  • EDA 395   Instructional Leadership
  • EDA 695   Administrative Theory
  • EDA 383   School District Functions I
  • EDA 383   School District Functions II
  • EDA 388L School Law
  • EDA 395   Superintendent Seminar

Research Core: (9 hours)

  • EDA 387Q Introduction to Systems of Human Inquiry
  • EDA 381P Qualitative Research Design & Analysis
  • EDA 395   Program Evaluation and Decision Making (Spring)

Outside the Department Courses: (9 hours)

  • EDC 390T Dual Language Issues and Trends (Dept. of C&I)
  • Course to be taken outside the EDA
  • Course to be taken outside the EDA

Treatise: (min. of 6 hrs; 3 hrs/ consecutive semester)

  • EDA 399K  Treatise 
  • EDA 399L  Treatise