Program in Higher Education Leadership

The Program in Higher Education Leadership offers both Ph.D. and Ed.D degrees.

The objective of the Higher Education Leadership doctoral degrees is to prepare, train and educate students to become leaders in the administration of postsecondary institutions, scholars who can bring about greater understanding of higher education, and teachers who can pass on knowledge of the past and equip students with the ability to work with an ever-changing higher education environment in the future.

PH.D. Degree

Students seeking a Ph.D. receive a thorough grounding in the functioning of postsecondary institutions and in the skills of administration, decision-making and leadership. They develop an understanding of the particular role of postsecondary institutions in society as both distributors and creators of knowledge, the historical context from which those institutions have emerged, and the ethical considerations that must surround and guide the enterprise.

Finally, the program prepares doctoral students to be consumers and producers of postsecondary research and scholarship, while socializing students towards possible careers in academia and higher education leadership.

These degrees emphasize preparation for a research career in which the graduate will add to the core of knowledge that is the basis for informed practice. The curriculum is oriented toward the development of theory and research skills in a variety of methodologies and includes a strong secondary emphasis in a cognate field of study.

ED.D. Degree

This degree emphasize preparation for leadership careers in a variety of college and university settings and are oriented toward the application of theory and knowledge development through research. The curriculum also aims toward the development of sophisticated management skills and intelligent, informed leadership.