Public School Executive Leadership Cooperative Superintendency Program

Professor Ruben Olivarez leads a class.

Photo of Ruben Olivarez

Program Director
Ruben Olivarez

The Cooperative Superintendency Program (CSP) provides a graduate-level avenue for executive leadership preparation. The doctoral program leads to a graduate degree (Ed.D.) in educational administration with concentration in the Superintendency. Students gain the skills necessary to become educational leaders as superintedents, and ensure eligibility for the state superintendent certification assessment, which is recognized for licensing requirements and administrative certification by most states in the country.

A significant number of Texas public schools have been under the leadership of a CSP graduate.  Also among the list of distinguished CSP graduates have been state commissioners of education, top-ranking state officials, and university professors and administrators in leadership positions across the country. 

Today, the roles and responsibilities inherent in executive educational leadership positions require individuals who possess skills, knowledge, and real world experiences in administration. Educational leaders must be able to provide direction within dynamic and complex organizations. This program focuses on the fundamental, research, and practical field experience necessary to create a learning environment that improves academic performance and equity for all students.

Current Students


Photo of Rebecca Callahan

Rebecca Callahan

Associate Professor

Research Interests include immigrant bilinguals’ transition from adolescence to young adulthood, as well as their associated educational processes.

Photo of Norma Cantu

Norma Cantú, J.D.


Ken McIntyre Professor for Excellence in School Leadership

With a background as assistant secretary of education for Civil Rights in the Clinton Administration, she teaches topics in civil rights and the intersection of law and policy in education.

Photo of Joshua Childs

Joshua Childs

Assistant Professor

Examines collaborative approaches involving community organizations and stakeholders that improve academic achievement and reduce opportunity gaps for students.

Photo of Terrance Green

Terrance Green

Assistant Professor

Examines principals and school-community engagement/community development, and issues of educational equity and opportunity.

Sheila Guzman


Interests include curriculum & instruction, educational administration, bilingual/bicultural Education, principalship preparation, and public school executive leadership.

Photo of Jennifer Holme

Jennifer Jellison Holme

Associate Professor, Graduate Advisor

Focuses on the politics and implementation of educational policy with an emphasis on school reform, equity and diversity in schools.

Photo of Huriya Jabbar

Huriya Jabbar

Assistant Professor

Examines the social and political dimensions of market-based reforms and privatization in education, including school choice and decision-making in K-12 and higher education contexts.

Photo of Ruben Olivarez

Ruben Olivarez


L. D. Haskew Centennial Professor in Public School Administration

Advocates for social justice and equal educational opportunities for all students, and stresses the importance of teachers in education and principals as a key to school effectiveness.

Photo of Pat Pringle

Pat Pringle

Adjunct Professor

Focuses on exposing doctoral students who aspire to be school superintendents to the myriad of daily operational requirements that must be addressed to successfully lead a school district.

Photo of Pedro Reyes

Pedro Reyes

Ashbel Smith Professor of Education Policy

Focuses on school conditions that foster high academic success for children of poverty, stratification of learning opportunities for children of color, and on state policy that facilitates student success across the education pipeline.