Advancement Information

After you pass and complete all of the following:

  • Required courses
  • Mid-program Review
  • Specialization Qualifying Exam

you will be eligible for advancement into doctoral candidacy. Each graduate student would normally expect to reach this point by the end of the third year. Doctoral Candidacy will allow you to focus solely on research and register each semester for Dissertation coursework.

Advancement into candidacy requires an application and approval by the student’s supervising professor, the departmental Graduate Advisor, and the UT Graduate Dean.

The first part of the application procedure is completing the departmental candidacy paper application. This consists of listing all graded courses, selecting the dissertation committee, and obtaining signatures of all faculty who will serve on the dissertation committee. The Advancement Kit can be obtained from the Graduate Coordinator in SZB 348.

After completion of the departmental application and approval by the Graduate Office, then the online UT doctoral candidacy application is undertaken. The name and rank of each person serving on the doctoral committee and an abstract of the doctoral research are submitted. The doctoral abstract can be broad and is changeable as the student progresses in the program. Once the on-line portion is submitted, it must be approved through UT Direct by the student's supervising professor, the Graduate Advisor, and the Graduate Dean.

PLEASE NOTE: The Graduate Advisor will not approve the on-line portion of the application unless the student completes all the paper forms in the application packet required by the Department. If you have questions about this process, please contact the Graduate Office.