Staff Listing

Julie Nguyen - Administrative Assistant

Office: SZB 504
Phone: (512) 471-0500

See Julie for Educational Psychology Operational Matters: Room Reservations, Facilities / Repair Requests, Mailing, Moves, Inventory, Travel Requests, general questions.

Andrea Melendez  - Executive Assistant

Office: SZB 504F
Phone: (512) 471-2754

See Andrea for Educational Psychology HR, Personnel, Student Employment, Policies & Procedures.

Chris McCarthy - Graduate Adviser

Office: SZB 504B
Phone: (512) 471-4155 

See Dr. McCarthy for Educational Psychology Graduate Program Advising questions.

Pam Larick - Admissions and Graduate Coordinator

Office: SZB 504C
Phone: (512) 471-0515

See Pam for Educational Psychology Admissions questions and EDP Graduate Student Matters: Academic progress, Fellowships, Petitions, Travel Awards, Qualifying Process, Final Orals, Graduation.

Kim Cates  - Academic Affairs and Communications

Phone: (512) 471-2752

See Kim for Educational Psychology Curriculum and Communications matters: Advising, Registration, Add/Drops, Waitlists, Course Scheduling, Academic Deadlines, EDP Student Handbooks, EDP Website/Wiki.

Nicole Landes - EDP Professional Programs 

Office: SZB 262A
Phone: (512) 471-0807

See Nicole for Counseling & School Psychology Program Administration, Affiliation Agreements.

Barbara Morris - Financial Analyst

Office: SZB 504A
Phone: (512) 471-0179 

See Barbara for EDP Accounting and Finance questions.

Stacia De Leon  - Texas Child Study Center Project Coordinator

Office: SZB 504A
Phone: (512) 262-4262

See Stacia for all TCSC-related matters.