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In conducting original research and/or completing the dissertation, EDP faculty and EDP graduate students may request use of the Department’s subject pool if it provides an appropriate sample.

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How to Request Subjects

The EDP Subject Pool is only available in the fall and spring semesters.

Your study must first be approved by the Department Review Committee (DRC) before the Subject Pool Committee can act on your request. The DRC (the officially designated representative of The University's Institutional Review Board) will examine your proposed study to determine if it complies with University policies regarding the ethical treatment of research participants. If you have not obtained DRC approval, your request for subjects will be delayed or even rejected for the semester. Your study must also have IRB approval

Application to the DRC and IRB is made through the IRBaccess application process. Under Step 2, #3, enter Toni Falbo's EID (falbotl) as Department Review Chair; for #4 enter Jasmine Center EID (jsc723) as the Research Assistant/Project Coordinator.

Note that you will not be allowed to enroll or collect data for your study until you've received full IRB approval.

EDP faculty and graduate student researchers* wishing to request student subjects must first submit their study for consideration by completing a Request for Researcher Account and Study Proposal Submission form. The deadline to submit this form is September 9, 2016.

The Subject Pool Committee will meet on in early September to discuss your request. Researchers should realize that the number of subjects and the time allotted to your study by the Committee may be different from what you requested, depending on the constraints faced by the Committee each semester.

* Graduate student researchers must have a faculty sponsor for their research. If your study is part of your dissertation, you need the sponsorship of your committee supervisor, and you must have successfully completed your dissertation proposal meeting. Your request for subjects will be delayed or rejected for the semester if you fail to meet these requirements.

Deadlines, Spring 2016

Friday, September 9​, 2016
Study Proposal Submissions due

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Studies open to participants

Monday, November 14, 2016
Studies completion deadline

Friday, November 18, 2016
Finalized participation credits due


If you have any questions about a policy matter, please contact Diane Schallert (, EDP Subject Pool Committee Chair. If you have additional questions about how to gain access to the subject pool or about other procedures, please contact the Subject Pool Coordinator, Hien Nguyen (