Undergraduate Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE)

Two children run on a playground while another looks on from a jungle gym.

Our Mission

The undergraduate Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) Program, through the Applied Movement Science Major, prepares physical educators (teacher and coaches) who empower youth with the skills, knowledge, habits, and desire to be physically active and to make healthy choices now and for the rest of their lives!

The Physical Education Teacher Education faculty are committed to providing an outstanding curriculum that students are prepared to teach in the 21st century. Teacher certification provides the opportunity for employment in every community across the nation as well as overseas. Our public school system provides the best delivery system available to reach all segments of our society, with the message of the importance of early motor skill development, regular physical activity, and healthy lifestyles for all ages. Each physical educator in the schools touches several hundred youth each year and thousands of individuals over the course of his/her career. Graduates of the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education at UT Austin have secured teaching and coaching positions in public and private schools in the Austin area, throughout Texas, across the nation and around the world.