High Incidence Disabilities Master Degree with Special Education Teacher Certification

This option is for students who wish to receive both a Master of Education (M.Ed. Degree) as well as a teacher certification in Special Education. Students who are already certified teachers can earn either an M.Ed. or M.A. in High Incidence Disabilities without going through the certification process.

This master’s degree provides students with evidence-based knowledge, skills, and hands-on experiences through student teaching in academic areas such as reading, writing, and mathematics. Future teachers learn socio-emotional and behavioral supports with an emphasis on cultural and linguistic diversity.

Graduates will be able to become certified special education teachers, as well as:

  • Serve as leaders and advocates in special education and related services such as the juvenile justice system and clinical practice,
  • Implement evidenced-based practices in academic and behavior with culturally and linguistically diverse students within a multi-tiered system of support,
  • Conduct assessments in reading, writing, mathematics, and behavior for instructional decision-making purposes and to monitor student progress,
  • Write Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs),
  • Collaborate with general education teachers in inclusive settings. Work effectively with culturally and linguistically diverse students and their families.

If a student wishes to do a report (3 hours) or thesis (6 hours) with this plan, these hours will be added to the 45 semester credit hours. Students must take all of the courses listed below with this plan.

45 total minimum hours

In addition to the classes listed below, students will have to complete student teaching as part of the certification process.

Department Core

  • SED 380 Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in SED/Rehabilitation Counseling
  • SED 393 Applied Research in SED/ Rehabilitation Counseling

Concentration Core

  • SED 383 Foundations of Special Education
  • SED 383 Assessment of Special Education
  • SED 386 Foundations of Positive Behavioral Interventions
  • SED 383 Intensive Reading Interventions for 22 Students with Dyslexia Reading Disabilities
  • SED 383 Intensive Mathematics Interventions for Students with Math Disabilities and Difficulties
  • SED 388 Teaching Individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities
  • SED 384 Instruction and Intervention in ECSE
  • SED 396R Single Subject Design
  • SED s389 Law & Disabilities
  • SED 394 Practicum
  • SED 397S Supervised Teaching in Special Education (9hrs)