Physical Cultures of the Body II


January 14, 2022




The H.J. Luther Stark Center in collaboration with Kinesiology and Health Education in the College of Education is proud to announce our second international conference Physical Cultures of the Body II, an international conference on the symbolic and cultural importance of the healthy and active body with reference to issues of race, gender, injury, strength, performance, eugenics and much more. Speakers will be presenting from India, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, England, Hungary, Canada, Ireland and the United States. 

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Conference Schedule

8 AM

Mehul Agarwal, Dr. Pranta Pratik Patnaik, Screening Bodies: The Indian Male on Hindi Television Shows

Eduardo Galak, PhD, Body and Cinematographic Techniques: Teaching Physical Culture Through Argentinean Newsreel “Sucesos Argentinos” (1942)

9 AM

Rüstem Ertuğ Altinay, From Emaciated Orphans to an Army of Robust Children: Physical Culture, Theatre, and the National Utopia in Turkey

Paul Hendricks, Sport and Politics: The Double Standards Resolution and Non-Racial School Sport in South Africa

10 AM

David Edgar, Welcome to the Red Room: Industrial Fetish Aesthetics in London’s “Bodyspaces”

Vanessa Mitchell, Exploring the Multiple Layers of Robben Island (RI) Sport History as Physical Culture

11 AM

Hendrik Snyders, ‘Keeping A Saloon and Coining Money’ - Tom Lees, Australian Physical Culture Entrepreneur and Managing Precarity in 19th Century South Africa, 1895-1898

Francois Cleophas, Johan Wassermann, Restarting Tromp van Diggelen’s Worthwhile Journey

12 PM

Airnel T. Abarra, Tamás Doczi, PhD, Bodybuilding and Functional Fitness Women Image and Identities: Insights from Selected Hungarian Women Athletes

Amanda Regan, Acquiring Fitness: Using Temporal Word Embeddings to Trace the Evolution of “Fitness” in Physical Education Journals

1 PM

Conor Heffernan, Physical Culture, Censorship and Control in the Irish Free State

David Chapman, Searching for Beauty: Sex and Physical Culture at the Movies

2 PM

Elaine Ewing, Sean P. Gallagher, The Art and Science of Contrology: Understanding How Joseph H. Pilates’ Work Fits into the Physical Culture Paradigm

Tom Fabian, Games Within Games: The Presence of Traditional Games at Indigenous Multi-Sport Events

3 PM

Emalee Nelson, Imua: The Cultural Impact of the YMCA of Honolulu

Ryan Murtha, William Buckingham Curtis & NYAC

4 PM

Erin Crownover, Henry “Doc” Reeves

Jan Todd, The Measure of a Man: The Iron Game Contributions of Polymath David P. Willoughby

5 PM

Rafael Hernandez, Modernist Protein: Physical Culture and Early 20th Century Dietary Supplements

Jason Shurley, PRE and Polio: Reshaping Rehabilitation in the Mid-Twentieth Century

Registration is free. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Sessions run all day on Friday, January 14.