David J Drum

David J Drum
Professor, Department of Educational Psychology

Phone: +1 512 471 0367
Email: ddrum@austin.utexas.edu
Office: SZB
Office Hours: By appointment
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Throughout his tenure at the University of Texas at Austin, David Drum has served as Professor, Associate Vice-President for Student Affairs, Director of the Counseling and Mental Health Services, and as an administrator in charge of University Health Services. In 2006, he turned his attention exclusively to his responsibilities as a member of the faculty of the Counseling Psychology program.

The role Drum has with his advisees is primarily supportive in the sense that he encourages his students to explore their own research interests and goals. His current advisees have interests in college student suicidality as well as health psychology, where they work towards integrative health care and improving access to mental health services in hospitals.

Although not a primary area of focus now, in the past Drum has focused extensively on group therapy processes, especially as they relate to effectiveness of theme groups. His research team is highly collaborative when working on presentations, publications, and discussions. Drum seeks inquisitive students who will take the initiative in leading projects and also have the desire to work collectively as a team.

Note: Dave Drum is on phased retirement and is no longer accepting new graduate students.