Flavio Azevedo

Photo of faculty member Flávio S Azevedo
Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Email: flavio@austin.utexas.edu
Office: SZB 4.404L

My research is grounded in the learning and cognitive sciences and it is organized into three intersecting strands—the nature of STEM interests and interest-driven participation, learning out of schools, and foundations of cognition and learning in STEM disciplines. Broadly, the construct of interests refers to the diverse ways people engage any given activity, so that pedagogies for interest development can be powerful pedagogies of inclusion. My three research strands are thus conceived to shed light on interest-driven learning across timescales and settings of STEM practice, in- and out-of-schools, as well as the socio-cultural and political contexts of such practices, as means to broadening participation in STEM and to intervening on mechanisms that (re)produce educational and social inequities. This work has appeared in publications such as the Journal of the Learning Sciences, Cognition and Instruction, Science Education, and the Journal of Mathematical Behavior.