Faculty Profile

Sepehr Vakil

Sepehr  Vakil
Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Email: svakil@utexas.edu
Office: SBZ 462E

Dr. Sepehr Vakil is an Assistant Professor of STEM Education, and Associate Director of Equity & Inclusion in the Center for STEM Education. His research interests center primarily on the cultural and political dimensions of STEM education, with a disciplinary focus in computer science and engineering. Dr. Vakil's teaching and research are informed by sociocultural, cultural-historical, and critical theories of learning, practice, and pedagogy. Using ethnographic approaches, he investigates the complex relationship between sociopolitical forces (e.g., neoliberalism, racism) and the nature of STEM learning environments (e.g., curricular priorities within STEM academies in urban schools, racialization processes within classrooms). Working in partnerships with communities and educators, he draws on design-based and participatory research methodologies to explore new transformative possibilities for STEM teaching and learning.