The College of Education Welcomes 15 New Faculty for the 2017-18 Academic Year

The College of Education is excited to welcome 15 new faculty for the 2017-18 academic year. The new faculty come from all over the country, and bring unique experiences and areas of expertise that will contribute to the college's research and teaching. Each department has new additions that will join in either the fall semester or the spring semester. 

To learn more about our new faculty, click on the department name to read interviews discussing their research interests, and what they're excited about for their new position:

Curriculum and Instruction

Adriana Alvarez - Assistant Professor

Tracey Flores - Assistant Professor

Maria Gonzalez-Howard - Assistant Professor

Grace Kim - Assistant Professor

Eric Knuth - Professor

Tia Madkins - Assistant Professor

Educational Leadership and Policy

Liliana Garces - Associate Professor

Educational Psychology

Annie Kang - Assistant Professor

Michael Parent - Assistant Professor 

Veronica Yan - Assistant Professor

Kinesiology and Health Education

Nicholas Enge - Lecturer

Sophie Lalande - Assistant Professor

Liesl Nydegger - Assistant Professor

Miguel Pinedo - Assistant Professor

Special Education

Soyoung Park - Assistant Professor