Liesl Nydegger Receives 2017 APHA Women’s Caucus Award

Liesl Nydegger receiving women's caucus award

Liesl Nydegger was presented with the 2017 APHA Women’s Caucus Award at the 2017 annual meeting this November. Nydegger received the award for her abstract titled “Structural factors, syndemics, and sexual health among high-risk Black women in Milwaukee, WI.” 

The Women's Caucus (established in 1970) represents the health care needs, interests, and demands for expanded women's health research, intervention and treatment services, and reproductive rights. The Caucus develops programs exploring a range of women's health issues, needs, and emerging topics. The Caucus also works closely with APHA, other Caucuses (e.g., the Men's Health Caucus), the Committee on Women's Rights, and various Sections (e.g., Population, Reproductive and Sexual Health; Maternal and Child Health) to develop public health policy on behalf of women of all ages.