Interdisciplinary Faculty Positions Mark a Bold Step Toward Reimagining Education

Oct. 31, 2019

The College of Education at The University of Texas at Austin is conducting two novel college-wide faculty searches—one in bilingual education and one in prevention science—positioning the college toward making big advances in interdisciplinary scholarship. 

The creation of these two tenure-track faculty positions is specifically designed to support the college’s signature impact areas:

  • Advancing equity and eliminating disparities in education and health
  • Attending to place and context
  • Thriving through transitions

The two new faculty positions are aligned with the college’s renewed focus on interdisciplinary scholarship and practice. As such, the searches will be conducted across all of the college’s departments, and the new hire will have the choice of assignment to more than one department while maintaining a home department for the purposes of promotion and tenure and faculty review.

Faculty expertise for the new Associate/Full Professor position in Bilingual Education Practice and/or Policy might include: 

  • special education in the context of bilingual education 
  • English learning and emerging bilingualism 
  • dual-language education policy/bilingual special education policy 
  • “English Learner” identification processes and effects 
  • bilingual language development of young children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds 
  • family/caregiver interventions to support bilingual learners 

Faculty expertise for the Associate/Full Professor position in Prevention Science in Family, School, or Community Settings might include:

  • social determinants of education and/or health disparities 
  • community-level influences on health behavior 
  • school violence prevention 
  • culturally responsive behavioral interventions in schools to address discipline disparities 
  • equity-focused social-emotional learning interventions 
  • family-centered interventions to support positive education and health outcomes 
  • healthy behavior and stress coping interventions
  • immigrant health and education disparities

In addition to the new hires, the college has launched the Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series, which brings notable speakers from across the U.S. to present topics related to education, teaching, leadership, and health. The inaugural lecture features Curry School of Education and Human Development Associate Dean and Professor Catherine Bradshaw of the University of Virginia who will speak on school-based prevention of behavioral and mental health problems.

As we Reimagine Education, we are building a legacy that will make an indelible impact on the future of education not only in Texas but across the country.

About the College

The College of Education, ranked among the top five public colleges of education in the country, promotes the shared values of equity, excellence, innovation, empowerment, community focus, and bridging research to practice. The college views inclusiveness and excellence as interconnected in the work of our faculty, and particularly values those who have experience working with diverse and underserved populations and show a demonstrated commitment to improving access and conditions in educational and health settings for children, adults, families, schools, and communities.