Early Career Fellows Program: College of Education to Recruit a Cluster of Six Postdoctoral Scholars Across Departments

Nov. 16, 2020

What starts at UT Austin changes the world.

At The University of Texas at Austin, we are committed to building a vibrant, diverse interdisciplinary community of scholars. If you are an early career researcher, postdoctoral fellow, or graduating Ph.D. student interested in pursuing an independent academic career, the UT Austin Provost’s Early Career Fellowship program could be ideal for you.

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This training program is designed to allow you to develop and pursue research and teaching topics upon which you can build a future academic career, here at UT Austin or elsewhere. Join a broad community committed to fostering your independent career growth in research, teaching, and scholarship. The program will enable you to build a network of emerging scholars like yourself and benefit from the mentorship of top faculty in your field.

As a Provost’s Early Career Fellow, you will join an energetic community of other incoming fellows training in different departments across the university. 

College of Education

In the College of Education, we have designed a comprehensive two-year, mentorship program to support the development of the skills needed to launch a vibrant and independent academic career.

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Our program, which will recruit six early career Fellows, is specifically designed to launch scholarly research programs that will address the most urgent educational and health disparities impacting Latino/a populations. Not only will you be able to pursue this work in your discipline, you will be part of a broad network of early-career and senior scholars from across departments in the college and the university, all committed to eliminating Latino/a education and health disparities.

This training fits within the College of Education's efforts to Reimagine Education and our commitment to ending education and health disparities. Fellows will also have applied research mentorship with faculty affiliated with the college’s new Texas Center for Equity Promotion (TexCEP). The mission of this interdisciplinary research center is to support and conduct high quality, applied research, disseminate evidence-based information, and train future professionals regarding the nature, origins, contexts, effects, and elimination of inequalities in education and health.

Texas Center for Equity Promotion

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At TexCEP, you will have the opportunity to become directly involved in federally funded research projects (e.g., NIH, IES), to further develop methodological and research design capabilities in both qualitative and quantitative research, to develop intervention and program development capacity, and to collaborate on peer-reviewed publications, presentations, and grant proposals.

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The program is designed to progress each Fellow through a set of experiences that will prepare them as an independent scholar in their discipline with methodological expertise in disparity research. During year one, each Fellow will have two mentors: one in your discipline and one in TexCEP. This is designed to support development and assist in the design and collection of pilot data to support grant applications for independent funding.

We will support Fellows to submit this grant proposal during year two, along with specific guidance in applying and interviewing for faculty positions. Throughout the duration of the program, you will also participate in university-wide training provided by the Provost’s Office to further develop the skills to build a unique research and teaching portfolio.

The funding package that Fellows receive includes a competitive stipend, fringe benefits, relocation funds, travel funds, and discretionary funds to enable pilot work.

For more details, please contact John Bartholomew and/or Lydia Contreras of the Provost Office.