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I work to improve interventions for students with dyslexia and other forms of significant reading difficulty, better understand assessment and assessment practices that best inform instruction, and improve educators' ability to make data-based decisions. Some of my recent and representative publications are listed below. For a full list of my published research and other work, please see the links above for my CV or my Google Scholar page. (*indicates student co-author) Clemens, N.H., * Lee, K., *Henri, M., Simmons, L., Kwok, O., & Al Otaiba, S. (in press). Growth in sublexical fluency during early reading instruction and its relation to decoding acquisition. Journal of School Psychology. Barnes, M.A., Clemens, N.H., Fall, A.M., Roberts, G., Klein, A., Starkey, P.,...& Flynn, K. (in press). Cognitive Predictors of Difficulties in Math and Reading in Pre-Kindergarten Children at High Risk for Learning Disabilities. Journal of Educational Psychology. Clemens, N.H., Oslund, E., Fogarty, M., Kowk, O., Davis, J., & Simmons, D. (2019). Skill moderators of the effects of a reading comprehension intervention. Exceptional Children, 85, 197-211. Clemens, N.H., Hsaio, Y., Simmons, L., Kwok, O., *Greene, E., *Soohoo, M., *Henri, M., Luo, W., *Prickett, C., Rivas, B., & Al Otaiba, S. (2019). The predictive validity of kindergarten progress monitoring measures across the school year: An application of dominance analysis. Assessment for Effective Intervention, 44, 241-255. Filderman, M. J., Toste, J. R., Didion, L. A., Peng, P., & Clemens, N. H. (2018). Data-based decision making in reading interventions: A synthesis and meta-analysis of the effects for struggling readers. Journal of Special Education, 52, 174-187. Oslund, E.L., Clemens, N.H., Simmons, D.C., & Simmons, L.E. (2018). A multicomponent model of adolescent reading comprehension: Comparing struggling and adequate comprehenders. Reading and Writing, 31, 355-379. Clemens, N.H., *Soohoo, M., *Wiley, C.P., *Hsiao, Y., *Estrella, I., *Allee-Smith, P.J., & Yoon, M. (2018). Advancing stage 2 research on measures for monitoring kindergarten reading progress. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 51, 85-104. Clemens, N.H., *Lai, M., Burke, M., & Wu, J. (2017). Interrelations of growth in letter-name and sound fluency in kindergarten and implications for subsequent reading fluency. School Psychology Review, 46, 272-287. Forgarty, M., Clemens, N.H., Simmons, D., Simmons, L., Anderson, L., Oslund, E., Davis, J., & Smith, A. (2017). The impact of a technology-mediated intervention on adolescents' reading comprehension. Journal of Research in Educational Effectiveness, 10, 326-353. Clemens, N.H., & Simmons, D., Simmons, L., *Wang, H., & Kwok, O. (2017). The prevalence of reading fluency and vocabulary difficulties among adolescents struggling with reading comprehension. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 35, 785-798.

Nathan  Clemens

Nathan Clemens

Associate Professor, Department of Special Education

Jeanne M Spencer

Jeanne M Spencer

Lecturer, Department of Special Education