Awards Process

Awards Process Through OERS

When an OSP contact or the sponsor alerts you that you have received an award, please send the information (attached files and/or links) to the OERS Pre-award Grants and Contracts (G&C) Specialist, Liz Kogan or Amelia Bridges

She will coordinate the contracting process with OSP, including requests for changes in award budget, contract terms, or information.

Human (IRB) or Animal (IACUC)

If your project requires human subjects or animal participants and you have not submitted the necessary IRB or IACUC application, the application MUST be completed and approved before an award can be made at UT Austin. Please immediately submit the application to the UT Office of Research Support for processing and provide the IRB or IACUC number to OSP at this time.

Award Negotiation

At the award stage, the sponsor will send a contract to OSP for review and negotiation. Terms and conditions, reporting requirements, and payment terms will be negotiated at this point. Please remain available for questions and authorizations during this process.

Request for Credit

Occasionally, after confirming that they are awarding the funds to the University, the sponsor will take a prolonged period of time to negotiate or draw up a contract. During these types of negotiations, it is standard for the G&C Specialist to request a Line of Credit with OSP to cover any immediate project spending needs. Types of spending likely to need a line of credit include:

  1. Appointments, especially for students who need immediate tuition remission.
  2. Travel Expenses for immediate anticipated trips.

The G&C Specialist will work with you to determine the necessary items required to request credit and will coordinate that request with OSP.

It is important to remember that a credit request is made contingent on the determination that an award will be forthcoming. While it is rare for an anticipated award not to be made, it is imperative to understand that if that should occur the credit must be repaid. In those rare instances, the PI is responsible for finding alternative funding sources (a non-26 departmental account) that can recoup these costs. OSP will not use its own money if the award is not made – the PI will be responsible for these costs.

PI Memo

After contract finalization, OSP will send a PI memo (included in the Templates & Examples section). The PI Memo will request faculty acknowledgement and approval of all terms included in the finalized contract. The G&C Specialist will obtain your signature either physically or electronically and send it to OSP.


If you are collaborating with a Co-PI at another institution and they are subcontracting to us, OSP will use the proposal information to begin the contracting process. Please review the following proposal items for any necessary changes:

  1. An itemized budget
  2. A budget justification
  3. A statement of work for their portion of the work to be performed

Contracting will be an ongoing process with many steps, and OSP and the G&C Pre-Award Specialist will assist you through every stage.

Templates & Examples

Example PI Memo Get Adobe Reader

Appointment Calculation and Tuition Template Get Excel Viewer

Post-Award Process Through OERS

After contract finalization, OSP will send the award information and award budget to SPAA to establish an account number.  When account set-up is complete, a Notice of Award (NOA) will be sent to the PI and the OERS Post-Award Grants and Contracts (G&C) Specialist, Chaz Gardiner.

Award Budget Projection

At this time, the Post-Award G&C Specialist and Principal Investigator will review the award budget and project immediate potential spending needs. For most budgets, the G&C Specialist will ask to meet with you in person to collaborate on budget projection. For small, simple budgets, email or phone correspondence may suffice. The specialist will complete an OERS Budget Projecting and Spending Template (See Templates and Examples) using the information you provide, and then send it to you for review.

In order for the G&C Specialist to correctly identify immediate budget spending, please provide the following information at award time (if changed since submission of proposal and applicable to your project):

  1. List of UT Personnel who will be appointed for the upcoming semester on the project, the salary of each, and the number of months/percent effort per employee:

It is important to review this information and project any potential appointments that will change the overall spending pattern of your budget. Please be aware of and discuss possible changes with the G&C Specialist.

  1. Materials and Supplies itemized with exact prices, including software and software licenses. 
  2. Consultants you expect to hire immediately at the rate provided for in the proposal. If you are waiting to hire consultants, this process can be delayed until that time.
  3. Travel Expenses for each anticipated trip.
  4. Other Costs that don’t fit into the above categories.

Once you have specified projected needs for the upcoming semester, the G&C Specialist will coordinate with you to finalize the anticipated expenditures.

Sub-recipient Monitoring

Once a subcontract has been established, sub-recipient monitoring is necessary to maintain federal audit compliance. During contracting, the G&C Post-Award Specialist is added as the financial contact to the subcontract award, while the PI maintains technical contact status. The PI is responsible for collaborating with the G&C Specialist for sub-recipient monitoring duties throughout the duration of the contract.

Sub-recipient monitoring consists of:

  1. Acknowledging receipt of subcontractor technical and financial reports
  2. Reviewing and approving subcontractor invoice expenditures
  3. Monitoring work progress with milestones and deliverables
  4. Coordinating with the subcontractor for any requested materials from the prime sponsor

The G&C Post-Award Specialist will assist you with all of these items.

Service Agreement

If you need to establish a service or consultant contract with a vendor for services to be performed, please contact the G&C Specialist so they can assist you in that process.

Report of Expenditures (ROE)

The Post-Award G&C Specialist will provide faculty with quarterly or monthly financial reports for each sponsored research account (see Templates & Examples) that include:

  • Prior and current expenditures. 
  • Encumbrances. 
  • Budget and free balances.
  • Transactional level expenditure detail. 

    Effort Reporting

    Federal and UT guidelines dictate that effort performed on sponsored projects must be certified.  The UT Handbook of Operating Procedures 7-1010 requires that certification must be done every six months.  You will receive many email reminders regarding this certification. Please consult the G&C Post-Award Specialist before effort certification begins if you have any changes that need to be made to appointments for you or anyone on your project. During effort certification, the G&C Post-Award specialist will be your contact should you require assistance.

    Templates & Examples

    Report of Expenditure Template Get Excel Viewer

    Budgeting and Projecting Template Get Excel Viewer