Faculty Research Assignments

Request for Proposal, 2020-2021

The College of Education Faculty Research Assignment (FRA) provides tenured faculty with a semester of salary support while they are engaged in a project that could not be accomplished without the FRA. This award is intended to support initiation, furtherance or completion of a specific research project. FRAs are usually not awarded merely to allow faculty members more time for research; successful proposals encompass objectives that would be difficult to accomplish without a FRA. The proposed work must have its own coherence, limits, and purpose.


Only tenured faculty who have completed at least four academic years of service in residence at UT-Austin are eligible for an FRA (i.e., first eligible in Year 5). Faculty who have previously received an FRA are only eligible for another FRA if by the beginning of the academic year of the award, the faculty member has completed at least four academic years of service in residence at UT. Faculty cannot hold a Dean’s Fellowship at the same time or in the same academic year as an FRA and those who recently were awarded a Dean’s Fellowship will have a lower likelihood of being funded. Applicants must receive approval from department chairs to submit an FRA.

Terms of the FRA

One full semester of salary with no teaching, service, or administrative duties. Faculty can spread the FRA over two semesters, but can only do so with prior approval and agreement with the department chair about other duties – teaching and service workload.

Return-to-Service Requirement: The recipient is expected to return to normal duties at the university for at least one academic year—Sept. 1 through May 31—following the FRA. A recipient who elects to leave the university without returning for an academic year, whether because of resignation or retirement, is obligated to reimburse the university for funds (gross salary plus fringe benefits) expended in support of the FRA.

Application Materials

 To apply for an FRA Award, submit the following (using Times New Roman font size 12 with no less than one-inch borders):

  1. Project proposal that is no longer than three single-spaced pages (references are not included in the page count)
  2. 4-page CV highlighting relevant research publications and funding. Clearly indicate if/when an FRA previously has been awarded

The proposal should include a title and outline the project rationale and significance, research questions, and a research plan that clearly specifies the methods and methodology, as well as the short-term (e.g., peer-reviewed articles, chapters) and long-term goals and products of the proposed project (e.g., grant proposal – which must include the intended granting agency). The proposal should also outline how the project is linked with your long-term research goals and why a full semester is needed to conduct the project. Preference for awards will be given to proposals that outline a clearly defined, well-justified, and feasible project that will contribute to the submission of a proposal for external funding or provide support for research complementary to existing external funding. Except in special circumstances (e.g., history in a particular area where a book is clearly the research product), an FRA will not be awarded solely to start or complete writing a book or to perform editorial duties on a book.

If the project includes human subjects, IRB approval must be received before funds are released


This application will be submitted to the graduate school through the Graduate School Awards System and is due no later than October 14, 2020. Information about submission and additional information about the FRA can be found on the Graduate School's website. We anticipate that successful applicants will be notified in early December for funding in fall 2021 or spring 2022. Successful applicants will be required to submit a brief 1-page report detailing research activities/results due to the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies within one month of completing the FRA.

If you have any questions about the proposal, please email Alexandra Loukas