M. Yvonne Taylor


Yvonne's advisor is Dr. Rich Reddick.

Before pursuing her Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin Educational Leadership and Policy doctoral student M. Yvonne Taylor worked as a high school English teacher, as well as a professional communicator, assistant director of minority community affairs, and assistant director of student activities at universities and colleges such as the University of Texas at Austin, Rice University, the University of Houston, Reed College, Texas State University, and Lonestar Community College.

In her Ph.D. pursuit and drawing on her lived experience as a black female staff member, educator, and communicator in various predominately white institutions of K-12 and higher education, Taylor’s primary research interest concerns the experiences of and orientation toward change leadership of staff, particularly those with racially and ethnically marginalized identities, in the interest of challenging higher educational administrators and researchers to consider equity beyond the faculty/student binary. Secondary interests concern other forms of marginalization on predominately white campuses, such as sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability, including the experiences of underrepresented faculty of color. Building on her expertise as a communicator, she also seeks to explore how narrative is used and influences organizational change related to equity work within these settings.