Mohit Mehta

Curriculum & Instruction

M.A. in Spanish, Texas State University, 2018
B.A. in Arch. Studies, Rice University, 2003

Office: BUR , BEL
Mohit's dissertation considers ways Asian American adolescents in a community based arts, literacy and critical ethnic studies program cultivate racial literacy practices through critical multimodality and digital counter-narratives.

In addition to teaching elementary bilingual education in Central Texas for 7 years, Mohit has taught in India, Guatemala, Nicaragua and co-coordinated a summer ESL academy in the Occupied Palestinian Territories from 2016-2020.

Courses taught including Intro to Asian American Studies (AAS 301), Intro to Asian American History (AAS 312), Intro to Race, Indigeneity & Migration (RIM 301), Foundations of Bilingual Education (EDC 340F), Bilingual Language Arts Methods (EDC 370E) and Acquisition of Language and Literacy (ALD 329).