Professional Certification Programs

Please note that in the State of Texas, professional certificates may only be obtained after an initial certification, and may require a minimum of two years of teaching experience.

Graduate students listen as a classmate delivers a presentation.


The UT Principalship Program (UTAPP) offers students a challenging and highly rewarding career path for those who want to make schools work for all children. Students will earn a Master of Education degree (M.Ed.) to pursue a career in school leadership. As part of the nationally ranked Department of Educational Administration, we transform educators into insightful, successful school leaders. 

A young woman works with a girl on reading comprehension.

Reading Specialist

The Language and Literacy Studies program in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers coursework that prepares students to be certified as Reading Specialists and Master Reading Teachers. To earn the Reading Specialist Certificate, candidates must complete a sequence of coursework designed to satisfy the requirements of the Texas Education Agency, have two or more years of teaching experience, and successfully complete the assessments required by the Texas Education Association. 

A woman and a man sit on a sofa watching two boys play while a counselor looks on.

School Counselor

The Counselor Education Program in the Department of Educational Psychology is a 48-hour master’s degree program that prepares students to become school counselor certified in the state of Texas. In addition to a master’s degree in counseling, the state requires counselors to have two years of classroom teaching experience. Candidates for school counseling certification also need to pass the 152 TExES School Counselor Exam.

Dr. Ruben Olivarez teaches class as students look on.


Our top-ranked Cooperative Superintendency Program (CSP) is at the forefront of preparing executive level educational leaders. This program combines traditional coursework, independent directed research, and varied field-based internships with mentor superintendents under the supervision of clinical professors with proven executive leadership experience. These opportunities provide a rich balance to theory and practice, and develop executive level decision-making skills. All candidates must have principal certification and principal experience or its equivalent.

School Librarian

The School of Information currently offers the Standard School Librarian Certificate developed by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) for the certification of public school librarians in Texas. This program prepares the holder for work at all levels of public education in Texas, from kindergarten through high school.