Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad can help students in the College of Education develop a more comprehensive vision of their academic goals and objectives.  In addition, the experience will have a significant impact on the lives of those who take advantage of the opportunities.

Studying abroad:

  • Embarks you on a journey of lifelong learning
  • Forever changes how you understand yourself and your view of our global community
  • Enhances and enriches your language and communication skills

In selecting a program that is the “right fit,” College of Education students who study abroad will enhance their professional opportunities, and validate decisions about their major choices.

Popular Programs for students in the College of Education

Summer in Guatemala

Photo of Glenn Vargas

"The study abroad experience is living what you have always read about in books and seen in movies. Get out of your comfort zone and experience something new, you won't regret it. In the few weeks I've been abroad my view on life has changed for the better, yours can too." -- Glenn Vargas - Guatemala 2012

This program introduces students to the complexities involved in studying the multiple cultural, social, economic, and linguistic factors that influence how people of diverse backgrounds learn. The Sociocultural influences on Learning course, taught by a UT faculty member, primarily explores the relationship between schools and the larger society as related to diversity. The program devotes substantial attention to issues in education throughout Latin America, in Guatemala, as well as issues affecting immigrants from Latin America to the US.

Outside of the classroom, students visit schools, develop and deliver ESL lessons to Maya children, explore Maya villages, and stay with a host family. Students take a second course in either Spanish or a Mayan language taught by a local faculty.


The program takes place at Casa Herrera (built in 1680), one of the original houses of colonial Antigua and part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Described as a colonial jewel, Antigua is a unique example of preserved colonial architecture and culture. Antiqua’s mountain views, courtyards, cobblestone roads, make it an ideal setting for living and studying in Latin America.


ALD 327 – Sociocultural Influences on Learning (cross-listed as LAS 374) and 3 hours Spanish or Mayan language

  ALD 329 - Acquisition of Language and Literacy and 3 hours Spanish or Mayan langauge

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