Study Abroad

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Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad enhances and enriches your professional opportunities, language and communication skills, and view of the global community. When you study abroad, you develop a more comprehensive vision of your academic goals and objectives. The College of Education offers several study abroad programs and they are open to students from every major across campus unless otherwise noted.

How to pay for Study Abroad

  • Financial aid can be applied to approved UT study abroad programs. Loans also may be available to help cover costs.
  • You may be eligible for a study abroad scholarship available through the university.
  • Tip: Start saving early for initial expenses including passports and plane tickets.

Planning your Time Abroad

Consult with a study abroad advisor and your College of Education advisor to discuss costs, staying on track to graduate, the best time to apply, and to determine how study abroad credit can be applied to your degree.

Note: College of Education students pursuing a teacher certification may have some timeline limitations. Plan ahead and talk with a study abroad advisor early.

Primarily for Applied Learning and Development Majors

  • Critical Latinx Masculinities in Education: Transnational Perspectives, Mexico City, Mexico -- Maymester 2020

    Program Description: This interdisciplinary course introduces students to emergent research on Latinx males and masculinity in K-12 and higher education in the U.S. and Mexico. Students will complete coursework surrounding issues of gender and masculinity, Mexican American history and immigration, anthropology, history, and sociology. In addition to coursework, students will have opportunities for networking with faculty and students from Tecnologico de Monterrey and the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Students will experience excursions around Mexico City including Teotihuacan, Puebla, and Cuernavaca.

    Faculty: Victor Saenz

    Courses: LA 325, MAS 374, ALD 379, HIS 363K (cross-listings)

    Credits: 3 hours in-residence credit

    Skills and Experience Flags: Cultural Diversity

    Estimated Cost: $4,400

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  • Socially Responsible and Ethical Student Leadership, San Joaquin de Flores, Costa Rica -- Maymester 2020

    Program Description: This is a discussion-based seminar and experiential study abroad course designed to develop student leaders who are ready to engage and initiate social change. The Spring and May course will provide specific emphasis on global leadership issues in the context of socially responsible and ethical leadership. Class presentations and discussions will address the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills associated with strong leadership. At the conclusion of this course, students will arrive at a personal definition of social and ethical leadership. Focus will include understanding group values and dynamics, positive interactions with others, cross-cultural communication styles, interpersonal dynamics and a code of professional ethics that promote public good.

    Faculty: Aileen Bumphus

    Courses: ALD 379 - Socially Responsible and Ethical Student Leadership

    Credits: 3 hours of in-residence credit

    Estimated Cost: $2350

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  • Individual Differences: Applied Learning and Development, Taipei, Taiwan -- Maymester 2020

    Program Description: Named "Ilha Formosa" (Beautiful Island) by Portuguese sailors in the 1600s for its beaches and mountains, Taiwan holds a unique history in East Asia with rule by both China and Japan in the last two centuries. It also is home to Taipei, one of the most modern cities in the world. This mix of natural beauty, Asian traditions, and modernity make this the perfect place to study the perceptions and realities of disability through Eastern and Western lenses. We will partner with undergraduate students in Taiwan to visit schools and community centers. The objectives for this class are to learn that no one is normal, different does not mean bad, people with disabilities can be jerks, and how we can alleviate difficulties that exceptionalities can cause without pathologizing difference.

    Faculty: Katie Tackett

    Courses: ALD 322 Individual Differences, Cultural Diversity flag

    Deadline to apply: November 15, 2019

  • Exploring UK Education, Cambridge, England -- Maymester 2020

    Program Description: This course will provide students with a comparison of experiences on issues of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and immigration status in the UK and U.S. Students will be exposed to P-16 perspectives and experiences where issues of vocational training, financial support, and policy implementation both parallel and contrast with the U.S. context.

    Faculty: Richard Reddick

    Courses: ALD 379/ELP 395/AFR 372D

    Credit: 3 hours in-residence credit

    Skills and Experience Flags: Cultural Diversity, Global Cultures

    Estimated Cost: $7,200

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Primarily for Kinesiology and Health Education Majors

  • Sport, Society, and the International Olympic Movement, Lausanne, Switzerland -- Maymester 2020

    Program Description: Students will examine sport law through a broad introduction to major cases, laws, and regulations. Identification and legal analysis from a managerial perspective will be a primary focus. Student’s coursework will be supplemented with a variety of activities including visits to the International Olympic Committee Museum, the Olympic Studies Centre, and various institutions associated with sport law. These excursions will provide students with the opportunity to meet and dialogue with many leaders in the international sporting world.

    Faculty: John Bartholomew and Thomas Hunt

    Courses: KIN119 and KIN 352

    Credits: 3 in-residence credits

    Skills and Experience Flags: Global Cultures

    Estimated Cost: $6,800

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    aSarah Chavez, Lausanne, May 2018

    Sarah Chavez

    "Every week, we have an excursion to a new place or event that connects with our curriculum. This week we had our first excursion to the Sport Future Rendezvous, which consisted of a presentation from a member of the International Olympic Committee and a debate/Q&A from a panel of sport experts."

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  • Exercise and Sports for Health, Fitness, and Performance, Tokyo, Japan -- Maymester 2020

    Program Description:  This class will cover a variety of topics such as sports science, exercise physiology, physical activity and health, sport nutrition, and lifestyle behavior.  Students will develop understanding on how the body respond to regular exercise and sports, why regular exercise is beneficial, and how to apply sport science to training for athletes as well as conditioning programs for general populations and patients.  Since the study abroad program takes place in Tokyo right before the Olympic games, we will focus on athletes and Olympic games.  Students will experience excursions around Tokyo to the Olympic training center, the Olympic stadiums and venues, and the National Institute of Health and Nutrition.     

    Courses: KIN352K and KIN310

    Credit: 3 hours in-residence credit

    Faculty: Hirofumi Tanaka

    Skills and Experience Flags: Global cultures (pending)

    Estimated Cost: TBD

  • Oxford Brookes University Exchange Program -- Spring and Fall Semesters

    Program Description: The University of Texas Study Abroad office in coordination with the College of Education, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, has established an Exchange Program with Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom. This rigorous science–based program offers our students the opportunity to earn KHE major course-work in this dynamic and historically significant location.

    Oxford Brookes University is a premier learning and teaching institution that is widely acknowledged as the UK’s leading modern university for ten years running (Sunday Times University Rankings). With nearly 19,000 students enrolled on a wide range of disciplines across the three main campuses, Oxford Brookes is a vibrant and exciting place to study abroad. Oxford Brooks is ideal for students in Exercise Science or Applied Movement Science.

    Location: Oxford Brookes University is situated 50 miles from London in the beautiful city of Oxford. As one of the world’s great student cities, Oxford is a great place to live and study, as it is big enough to offer something for people of all interests, yet small enough to feel welcoming and accessible. If you want to visit London it’s only one hour away by train and there are also cheap, frequent buses to and from the capital, and Heathrow and Gatwick airports, which run 24 hours a day.

    Courses: Courses will be taught by local faculty. Students are expected to study and read outside of class. Most students will register for 4 classes (aka modules).

    Estimated Cost: $15,000 - $16,500

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For more information on study abroad programs and how to apply, visit the Study Abroad Website