Deans Distinguished Lecture Series

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The Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series brings notable speakers from across the U.S. to present topics related to education, teaching, leadership, and health. 

Upcoming Lectures

Photo of Catherine Bradshaw

School-Based Prevention of Behavioral and Mental Health Problems: A Few Findings, a Lot of Lessons Learned and Several Opportunities to Move the Needle

Presented by Catherine P. Bradshaw, M.Ed., Ph.D., Professor and the Senior Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development at the Curry School of Education and Human Development.

Cissy McDaniel Parker Dean’s Conference Room SZB 238
November 5, 2019

Photo of Seth Schwartz

Studying Crisis Migration: Applying Acculturation and Cultural Stress Studies to a High-Need Situation

Presented by Seth Schwartz, Ph.D., Professor at the School of Education and Human Development, University of Miami

Cissy McDaniel Parker Dean’s Conference Room
November 22, 2019

Photo of Emily Tanner-Smith

Preventing and Treating Youth Substance Abuse: Advancing Policy and Practice with Meta-Analytic Evidence

Presented by Emily Tanner-Smith, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Associate Dean at the College of Education, University of Oregon

Cissy McDaniel Parker Dean’s Conference Room
December 10, 2019