Welcome to UT Austin! We’re excited and honored your student chose to embark on their academic journey at one of the nation’s biggest public universities, located in the vibrant capital of Texas. Your support and belief in your student helped spark their interest in attending our college, one of the best in the country for those entering education and health professions.

If your student is a newly admitted or current student, we welcome you to our Longhorn community. If you have a prospective student, please join us at one of our Prospective Student Information Sessions to learn more about the wide-reaching Texas Education community.


We look forward to getting to know you. The College of Education offers multiple opportunities to learn about our programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. While the Office of Admissions hosts campus tours and information sessions for pospective bachelor’s students, graduate coordinators can also guide master’s and doctoral students interested in visiting campus. Learn more about visiting the College of Education at the University of Texas at Austin.

Academic Support for Our Students

Our academic advisors and graduate advisors help guide our students during their time in the college. They offer a wide range of support based on the students’ academic needs with student success and achieving career and professional goals as their top priority. Students should meet with their advisors frequently during their academic journey to keep on top of degree progress and path to graduation.

Financial Information

The university is committed to making a first-class education affordable for all students through a variety of programs, scholarships and financial aid.

Health and Safety Resources

The university also has many resources for supporting your student while they are here, including: