Facilities Services

Photo of a large classroom with fixed tables, movable chairs, and two screens.

The Facilities Team for the College of Education, located inside the George I. Sanchez Building (SZB), is available to assist with a variety of needs.

Submit a help ticket to request building space and ask questions about general operations, building security, facilities management of the Sanchez building common areas, or to reach the Building Manager.

Questions about facility-related emergencies, maintenance work, repairs, custodial, landscaping, pest control, or events and moving should be directed to Central Facilities Services, (512) 471-2020. 

Building Hours

Sánchez Building (SZB)
Public access 6 AM – 7 PM
Badge access only 7 PM – 6 PM
24-hour badge access only.

Bellmont Hall (BEL)
Public access M-F 5:45 AM – 7 PM
Badge access required all other times.

Both closed on holidays.