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Concurrent with a strong foundation, we are in a transformational time in public higher education in general—one that demands more interdisciplinary collaboration, more institutional nimbleness, stronger external partnerships, and more attention to the core mission to improve access among underrepresented populations of students.

The College of Education is in a unique position to answer this call to action.

Together, we will continue to build on the college’s strengths, developing and disseminating evidence-based practices that make a real difference for children, schools, and communities. The strong binds that connect the college to communities of practice will continue to be honored and nurtured, and they will serve as a bridge to developing a strong and diverse workforce of educators and health professionals who will teach and lead in ways that promote our signature impact areas.

As someone who was a first-generation college student, I have a deeply held belief in the transformative power of education. I feel a sense of urgency to address the longstanding opportunity gaps and education and health disparities that persistently affect our most vulnerable students, families, and communities. I can think of no better venue to move this sense of urgency into bold action than the College of Education at the University of Texas at Austin.

The college is in a position of national prominence and is poised to advance its standing as a world leader in addressing the increasingly multifaceted challenges in education and health by harnessing individual and community assets, and bridging research and practice. I am excited to be part of it.

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